Don’t do Blake unless you’re going for your 46. usually missed by hikers on the way up or down. Dial Mountain is a pretty quick hike when starting from the Ausable Club’s Lake Road. Dial Mountain stands within the watershed of Lake Champlain, which drains into Canada 's Richelieu River, the Saint Lawrence River, and into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Very long day, lots of water needed for this one. The plan was to arrive at the Noonmark Diner for their 6 am opening (per Google) and then scarf down some eggs before hitting the … Incredible, but difficult long day. Nippletop Mountain (ADK 24/46) and Dial Mountain (ADK 25/46) 5/22/20, 6:52:04AM) chajec2 1 year, 1 month ago Dial an Nippletop . The top of Dial Mountain (4020 ft). 7 hours about round trip from car. restrictions in the area. Completed Oct 11th. Andy stands proudly in … From here it is about 0.5 of a mile hike west along the gravel road and From Dial down is a hard descent on the knees, but all in all a very rewarding hike. meets the trail from Dial but from here it is another climb up and over the months[8]="August"; What I Wore Ice breaker merino wool baselayers (top and bottom), socks EMS zip off hiking pants Long sleeve tech top Columbia Snow-pocalypse Omni-heat jacket Vasque Snowblime boots Amazing views from both so well worth it. My watch counted this hike at a little over 20 miles with 7000 ft elevation gain. We started our ascent up Elk Pass around 1:10pm through the beaver pond area. To the east, it faces Dix Mountain across Hunters Pass, and to the west it faces Mount Colvin across Elk Pass. This is not a new rule, but one that has been To the south one Very slow day for me given the wet trail conditions. It’s 0.9 mile to Bear Den’s summit, 2.1 to Dial’s summit, and 4.2 to Nippletop’s summit. Did this loop today, starting with Dial and Nippletop over Bear Den. Trails are well maintained and not very muddy. The plan was to arrive at the Noonmark Diner for their 6 am opening (per Google) and then scarf down some eggs before hitting the … Overall though it was rewarding. Hi Paul, I found that hiking Dial, Nippletop, Colvin, and Blake in a day harder for two reasons. The ground was very soft, dry, and littered with pine needles. There are a number of The trail is primarily used for hiking and rock climbing and is best used from March until November. Length 18.3 miElevation gain 6122 ftRoute type Loop We had headlamps but didn’t want to do too much more ascending in the dark. Peaks: Dial Mountain (4020') (#41), Nippletop (4620') (#13) Trailhead: St. Huberts Parking Lot, Ausable Club Trailhead. However, trails to the Colvin Range and most other AMR trails, including those leading to the Great Range, […] There are no views on Blake, however it is a 46er. With pacing ourselves and due to less than ideal weather conditions, we clocked in at about 15 hours of active hiking time. We gazed out at Mount Colvin and Blake Peak, two wooded summits that offer poor views and have grumpy reputations. Nippletop Mountain 4,620 ft elevation High Peak Rank: 17 Dial Mountain 4,020 ft elevation High Peak Rank: 41 Total miles: ~13 Time including stops: ~9 hours. The section between Nippletop and Elk Pass is steep, dropping a thousand feet in a little over a mile, which sounded more appealing to go down than up to me. Nippletop Weather (Days 0-3): The weather forecast for Nippletop is: Mostly dryTemperatures will be below freezing (max -4°C on Fri night, min -12°C on Wed morning)Winds decreasing (fresh winds from the ESE on Wed night, calm by Fri afternoon). I didn’t stay long and made my way to Dial Mountain. We met a hiker who had also just hit his 40th summit and he snapped our picture on Colvin at 12:30. It’s 0.9 mile to Bear Den’s summit, 2.1 to Dial’s summit, and 4.2 to Nippletop’s summit. easier than giant and rpr. Was only 17 mi. The naming of Dial is a story in itself let alone the question, “will the real Dial please stand up?” Where the name comes from is a little bit of a mystery it was first conferred on Nippletop by someone in the Emmons’ survey of 1837 but this name conflicted with the local name of the peak. months[12]="December"; Follow the brook up and to the right for as long as possible, then bushwhack up to the H G Leach trail. Long hike back up to Colvin and the decent down to the junction for Nippletop took about 2.5 hrs. PROHIBITED on AMR land. Mileage: 21. The things we will do for our fur baby! Dial is most often climbed with Nippletop Mountain – due to it being along the same ridge. Dial Mountain at 4020 feet is the forty-first highest peak in the Adirondacks. Definitely do Colvin & Blake first, then hit Nippletop & Dial. Dial Mountain is a pretty quick hike when starting from the Ausable Club’s Lake Road. 5:30 Signed in at rangers station, 7:45 Dial, 8:45 Nippletop, 10:45 Colvin, 11:45 Blake, and signed out at ranger station a little after 3. Challenging hike, fantastic views. From Dial on can see an almost complete panorama of the Great Range with its var lmonth=months[time.getMonth() + 1]; Dial has been long Round Trip Distance: ~14 miles. Layer up and bring hand warmers. Tough, but fun. months[6]="June"; Please make sure you carry water, headlights and power banks for phone (my battery died just before Nippletop). Total elevation gain: 6,000’ Time: 13 hours There were steep sections and slippery melting slushy snow made it more tiring but we made it to Colvin at 9:40 am (with many little breaks on the way to catch my breath). Bear Den Trail to Dial Mountain and Nippletop is a 12.7 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Keene Valley, New York that features a river and is rated as difficult. Elk pass is steep but not too technically difficult in terms of rock faces but it was LONG. very do-able. The Lake Road in the Adirondack Mountain Reserve has reopened to the public to give hikers access to trails to the summits of Nippletop and Dial Mountain, two of the High Peaks, in the Dix Mountain Wilderness. Dial has amazing views! Nippletop at 4620 feet is lucky 13 in height photograph the great range, as almost all of the major peaks are visible. As usual we left Albany at 5:30 with our goal of hiking Dial and Nippletop. First, after summiting Nippletop you have to drop all the way back down and then head up to Colvin then over to Blake then come back and that col between Colvin and Blake wore me … months[5]="May"; Two of those, Nippletop (4,620 feet) and Dial (4,020 feet), can be summited from that trailhead in a nice lasso loop. From Bear Den, I hiked over to the Noonmark Shoulder. months[3]="March"; months[1]="January"; Aug 1. Hiking stats at a glance: ~14 miles ~4,000 ft elevation gain 2 High Peaks – Nippletop 4,620 ft and Dial 4,020 ft 9 hrs (Parking lot to Parking lot) Now that the holidays are officially over my weekends are free once again, and what better way to ring in the new year than with… From Dial, on a clear day, you can catch views up Keene Valley. Dial Mountain (4,020 feet), which lies northeast of Nippletop, was also named by Old Mountain Phelps, who had a reputation for calling peaks something obvious. This is a loop hike that takes you up a long and steep ascent over Bear Den Mt., up Dial, over to Nippletop, and down a shorter and steeper descent through Elk Pass. Rock scrambles were strenuous. Definitely do Colvin and Blake first because I did them last and it sucked. Incredibly muddy and slick from rain the day before- bring extra socks and wear gaiters if you have them. So, Dial and Nippletop are located in Keene, NY. and this peak offers perhaps one of the best views of any of the high peaks. below. The ladders were missing boards, this was manageable but not great. Luckily we made the relatively easy jaunt up to Dial by 4pm and were again rewarded with awesome views on the rock ledge and powerful winds. I had decided to do the clockwise loop because of the lack of water sources in the Dial - Nippletop area.