It is the duty of all campers and travelers to not leave any marks on the land or litter where they have been. Nordic Experience (a trading division of Colchester Travel Ltd) - 45a Crouch Street, Colchester, CO3 3EN Guide to Self-drive in Iceland Possible Challenges on Icelandic Roads. Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration. Always keep tabs on the weather forecast with the Icelandic Meterological Office. Below is a guide where you will find driving tips, a list of the highlights not to be missed, and some extra pictures just because it is so beautiful! Travelling through the highlands should not be decided on the spot. These are all the things I would have wanted to know the first time I visited Iceland, and they should help you with your Iceland road trip planning. Study the entrance and exit and look out for any large boulders in the river bed that need to be avoided. Here are some essential tips for traversing Iceland’s highlands: If an emergency happens while driving along an F-road, call 112 for Iceland’s emergency services. Askja is a series of calderas deep in Iceland’s highlands. Conditions can change more rapidly than on lowlands and you are often required to cross unbridged rivers. Here, nature is still at its rawest, with glaciers, deserts of black sand, barren glacial moraine, steaming hot springs, active and spent volcanoes and strange oases of vegetation. Off-road driving is forbidden entirely in Iceland where there is no snow, including the Highlands, to protect t… However, the Kjölur route can easily be traversed in an ordinary car and is therefore one of the more popular highland roads. Not only that, but it’s required by law. It is also highly recommended to book a four-wheel-drive if you are travelling in winter. First, let's answer the question on how to drive on the F-roads in the highlands of Iceland. The isolation is what many come here to experience, and there are no services across the entire area so you’re truly on your own, which means you must be prepared. Older children must wear seatbelts and younger children and infants must be seated in car-safety seats. It’s an experience we highly recommend. Look out for private land and ask permission if you think the spot is on private property. One way to accomplish that is to rent … The Highlands can be crossed only during the Icelandic summer. Leave as early as possible. +354-522-1100 (during office hours) for the newest information. This distance and driving directions will also be displayed on a web based map labeled as Distance Map and Driving Directions Iceland. A 4x4 vehicle is essential in the highlands, where you might encounter rough terrain and unbridged waters. Driving the F-roads in The highlands of Iceland is a magnificent place to drive. Driving the Highland F208 in Iceland. In this blog, we will show you the roads from road 1 to Landmannalaugar (F 208). If you are an adventurous traveler seeking challenges from nature, the rugged terrain of the contrasting Highlands will not disappoint. If you're renting a vehicle and driving anywhere in Iceland, then you NEED to know! maelifell. In the United States, they’d be called “jeep trails” or “fire roads”. The golden rule is if you can’t walk across, then you probably shouldn’t drive across. Video - Central Highlands in Iceland. … Additionally, check what your insurance covers you for. A little further you will find the Geysir geothermal area with various hot springs and geyser Strokkur. Driving the F-roads in The highlands of Iceland is a magnificent place to drive. If it’s clear and you’re feeling confident, it’s time to cross.Rivers should be entered slowly but steadily, always in a low gear. How to get there: It's not recommended to drive to Landmannalaugar in small/mid-size cars. F-35 (Kjölur) or F-26 (Sprengisandur). It’s here where the raw and untamed energy found across Iceland is at its most powerful, shaping the landscapes in a fierce display of nature, the tectonic plates tearing apart to create a place like nowhere else on Earth. First up, always, always, always check the road conditions. We did not go there, but heard that it is spectacular. Download this stock image: Jeeps driving in the highlands of Iceland close Hrafntinnusker - AFFHRP from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors. This is an online tool to calculate the Distance and Driving Directions between two cities, villages, towns or airports in Iceland. While driving Iceland’s remote & rugged F-Roads is not technically driving off-road, basically you need to think of them as exactly that. Is that true? It’s important to note that no insurance companies will cover water damage, so take note of the following safety precautions before diving in to avoid ruining your trip. And please use our official hashtag #SixtIceland so we can follow along. This depends on the actual weather and road conditions, though. Driving Through Iceland Highlands Bilder und Fotos lizenzfrei bei ClipDealer: A slow shutter speed point of view shot driving through the highlands of Iceland.The focus is on the bonnet of the car and the motion blur conveys speed. The Highland roads open any time between mid and late June and usually close around the beginning of September. This is a specialized all-terrain bus with large wheels. However, there are still the glacial rivers that run across the highlands to contend with; the F-Roads don’t have any bridges that cross these rivers, meaning that successfully travelling through the highlands will involve doing river crossings. An Iceland self drive tour in summer is a less nerve-wracking option. Driving in the Highlands. Highland driving is very different from normal driving. Driving F208 on an Iceland Highlands Self Drive Driving this road in the south of Iceland to Landmannalaugar is 102 km (63 miles) of pure wild and rugged nature. Photo about The cold Sunrise Iceland highlands in Winter. But for those who are, the rewards are truly great. I plan to drive to areas of the Highlands specifically towards landmannalaugar and mt. Camping is allowed in most areas although in some cases, such as protected areas, camping is only allowed at designed areas. Consequently, when travelling in the Highlands visitors must at all times uphold responsible travel etiquette. This tour allows you to experience driving on rough highland roads and see the magnificent interior of Iceland along the most popular sites of South and North Iceland. If you’re renting a car and driving anywhere in the country, then you need to. We also saw Landmannalaugar and Thorsmork on a length Extreme Iceland day.. My question centers on the best way to see the Highlands? Driving in Iceland. During the winter, the only possible way to travel on these roads is with a super jeep, so your only option is a guided tour. Driving in Iceland demands certain attention to conditions. Crossing the Fjallabak natural reserve in the highlands of Iceland from north to south. Except for the Westfjords and the Highlands beyond the interior, we saw a good bit of darn near everything. Please note that if you are planning on driving any Highland roads (marked as F-Roads), you will need a four-wheel-drive. The weather can affect the river conditions, rain and high temperatures can cause bigger streams and please note that glacial rivers swell as the day goes on. When the summer eventually does roll around and the last of the winter snows have melted, the road conditions are tested and opened for public use. Do you know what an F-road is in Iceland? The routes can be affected by the changeable Icelandic weather. Traversing the spectacular highlands are the Icelandic F-Roads, rough mountain tracks that vary in quality, are closed for most of the year, and disappear into rivers at many different points. Roads can be rough and you need to drive slowly, often 40 km/h or less. Because of the unusual driving conditions, you need a specially-equipped automobile to drive on F-roads. Read about Andri's 3 day trekking experience in the little-explored Kerlingarfjöll Mountains here. Are you adventurous and want to make the most of your stay in Iceland? Always leave your plans at as well as an added precaution. Happy travels! So, after two weeks in Iceland last August, my wife and I are ready to return. With no services, it’s essential to take all the water, food, and petrol that is necessary for your planned time in the highlands - there are limited places to buy food and no petrol stations. maelifell. Always leave with a full tank of petrol. Driving off-road and designated paths is strictly forbidden and punishable by heavy fines. I spoke with a rental car agency I told them I was interested in the Land Cruiser. The best known highland roads are Kaldidalur, Kjölur and Sprengisandur. You'll not only be getting back to the elements on the Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri. Those who intend to travel in the areas which are shaded on the map, please contact the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration tel. For the rest of the year the highland roads are closed. These huts fill up quickly and are often booked long in advance. Drivers and all passengers must wear seat belts. F-Road Driving Tips In Iceland. By clicking below, you agree to our use of cookies. The moss is delicate and should not be walked or camped on, let alone removed, and fishing is heavily regulated. You do not need to obtain an International Driver’s License to drive in Iceland. However, you cannot drive in the highlands in winter without a Superjeep. When driving the Highland F208 in Iceland you can easily see jarring opposites like natural hot springs and ice-capped mountains. You can check their schedule and destinations on their website. I plan to drive to areas of the Highlands specifically towards landmannalaugar and mt. Stop to view the beautiful Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall with its black basalt column frame. We recommend you bookmark three websites to use when doing a road trip in Iceland:, Road conditions and Weather report. The highlands of Iceland are a place like no other in the world. It stops at several places in South Iceland before reaching the Highlands, including a stop at the mountain resort in Kerlingarfjöll. Seatbelts are required by law in Iceland. (Updated June 2016). The South Highlands With the variety of land forms and terrain in Iceland, you’ve got to … Read our tips on 4×4 driving through the highlands of Iceland before you go. Highland roads are marked as F-roads in most maps e.g. Photographer Sebastian Müller spent ten days in Iceland, driving over 3,000 miles through the Highlands to take in the incredible scenery. Highlights on this spectacular, scenic driving holiday include Geysir and the Gullfoss, Dettifoss and Godafoss waterfalls in Iceland's fertile lowlands, as well as the wild terrain of the Highlands where you'll discover the Langjökull and Hofsjökull glaciers and the vast geothermal region of Hveravellir as well as two nights in Iceland's capital Reykjavik. During summer you can drive across the interior of Iceland, the Kjolur route, or the Sprengisandur route (4×4 only). Iceland Highlands: Self-Drive. Driving in Iceland basics. Authorities have zero tolerance for drunk drivers. Driving Around Iceland - Day 6 - Nýidalur to Mývatn (F26, Sprengisandur Route, ... Iceland highlands 4x4 4WD road trip by drone in 4K - Duration: 4:00. Planning is extremely important, leave your plan here. Travelers need to be well prepared with enough food, water and fuel for the drive ahead. You can make as many stops as you want and move at your own pace. My Scottish Highlands Itinerary 1. The rough nature of these roads means that 4x4s are the only vehicles suitable to drive on them - any other kind of car would more than likely result in paying for large damage and rescue costs. Driving F208 on an Iceland Highlands Self Drive Driving this road in the south of Iceland to Landmannalaugar is 102 km (63 miles) of pure wild and rugged nature. I'll be there this Friday! About 38 huts are run as accommodation in the highlands by the The Iceland Touring Association. Answer 1 of 6: Hi, We are planning a trip to Iceland from 4th October 2019 to 16th October 2019. Do: Wear seatbelts and keep your headlights on. It requires planning with a 4WD vehicle, 4WD driving skills (including river crossing) and all the necessary equipment. There is only one gas station up there called Hrauneyjar which is the last stop before the great highlands. Setting Out from Glasgow The Famous Highlands Coo! If a river looks dangerous to cross, it probably is. 18,112 views. Those renting a car in Iceland should familiarise themselves with the Ring Road that encircles the island. You'll need a proper 4x4 car if you're driving yourself. Let’s stay safe out there! Again, slow but steady is the name of the game – if water is splashing on the windscreen, the car is going too quickly. Before setting off on the Highland routes, check the road conditions and remember that there are unbridged rivers to be forded We drive on the right side of the road in Iceland. (Updated June 2016). Driving in panoramic Highlands of Iceland Here is a journey I want you to come with me!! Short video of our drive through the amazing higlands of Iceland on road F923. Angle the nose of the car slightly downstream and drive across. Be careful with bond fires and make sure you do not disturb the natural surroundings. The area is isolated and with the unpredictable Icelandic weather, the journey can become extreme. Always follow marked roads and pay attention to any posted warnings or signs. I'm heading to Iceland for the first time and I'm very excited! Interesting attractions in the area: The Laugavegur Trail, Mt. The highlands aren’t any exception to this rule; heavy fines await those who stray off the tracks, even though they mightn’t look much like a road in the first place. Here you can read a handy article that goes into more detail on crossing rivers. There is also the necessity to cross rivers on some roads, so be sure to check with your car rental company in Iceland that the car you’re hiring is suitable for that. Answer 1 of 4: Hi There, I'm heading to Iceland for the first time and I'm very excited! In summer, those who do not want to drive themselves can take the Highland bus from Reykjavík, the capital city, or Akureyri, in North Iceland. The terrain is much rougher and you will frequently have to ford rivers on your journey. There is a sign that indicates a blind summit ahead. If you would like more information, see our privacy and cookie policy. Driving Iceland’s F-Roads 16. Summer: Highland driving is very different from normal driving. But driving the F-roads in Iceland is more than just exploring this unique landscape, it’s doing it in a way that makes you feel like you’ve conquered foreign lands. The highlands comprise the majority of the interior of Iceland. These roads can give a rough drive; have steep hills, narrow crossings, and unbridged rivers. Tips for Driving F ROADS in Iceland. My Scottish Highlands road trip itinerary began in Glasgow after taking the train from Edinburgh.From there, I rented a car and began driving up to Fort William along route A82 on my way to the Isle of Skye in early July.. Below I answer 11 of the common questions that you may have about driving in Iceland. Hekla – The Queen of Volcanoes, Top 5 Places to Visit in the Icelandic Highlands. Before driving through Iceland’s Highlands, make sure you have a full gas tank and enough food and water. If the water is running above your knees, it’s time to turn back. Road trips are the best way to see Iceland in all of its glory. Explore the breath-taking interior along some of the most popular sites in Iceland. The Highlands are Iceland’s interior; they are almost completely uninhabited and only accessible in summer. This isn’t exactly driving around Iceland, it’s more driving into Iceland. Opening of mountain roads in Iceland. Be sure that you have the right car for the job. The map can be accessed here. The Icelandic Road Administration also publishes a brochure every year about driving the highland area of Iceland. Can I drive the Highland roads in Iceland during Winter? The highland roads are closed in winter times and weather sometimes causes other roads to be closed as well. For the highlands this is even more important, as it’s here where the weather can change quickly to become downright dangerous in a matter of moments. Other vehicles are not properly equipped to tackle the terrain. For those wanting to read more about the country we recommend visiting the Iceland official tourism information site on and the information site Our website uses cookies. But don’t worry, friends, that’s what you have me for. This signs are meant for everyone, including those in 4WD vehicles. I'll be there this Friday! It can be scary, but successfully crossing a river in your 4x4 can be the highlight of any trip. Narrow passes: Extreme caution must be taken when two cars meet on a narrow pass, which occurs often in the Highlands; Blind hills and curves should be approached with caution. The route is characterised by rough tracks and unbridged and unpredictable rivers. After the drive on Kjölur highland road, you will arrive at Gullfoss – the Golden waterfalls - one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. Also, in the more remote areas of the country, you may encounter sharp bends, high winders, blind hills and stray horses or sheep. Try not to travel by yourself and even wait for another car to cross an unbridged river with you. Hekla. 200 kilometers of gravel road through the most beautiful landscapes of Iceland. F- roads are only accessible for 4wd rental cars and you are not insured if damage occurs when crossing un-bridged rivers. Off-road driving is forbidden in Iceland due to health safety and nature preservation factors. These roads are extremely basic, and not really maintained. If you don’t have experience or confidence driving in these types of conditions it may be preferable to instead take a highlands tour from a provider than drive yourself. Driving a 4x4 is absolutely necessary for traversing the backroads of the Highlands. Take a 4x4 out to the Icelandic Highlands and snap some spectacular photos of the central mountains. Different Road Types In Iceland. Extra caution must be taken when driving in the highlands, crossing rivers or driving in the snow since it can be hazardous, especially to the inexperienced driver. The F-roads are gravel roads that lead to the highlands of Iceland. These huts fill up quickly and are often booked long in advance. Don’t forget to follow Sixt rent a car Iceland on social media for frequent updates via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. I have rented a 4WD approved to be driven on F roads. There can be a difference of more than one whole month depending on the weather and how rapidly snow disappears and more importantly how quickly the roads dry and can be therefore be driven on without being damaged by traffic. The Icelandic Road Administration has published a map describing the current road conditions of mountain roads in Iceland. 90 km/h (55 mi/h) on paved roads. Discover hidden gems and some of the best travel tips shared by locals on Travelade. Off-road driving is illegal in the whole of Iceland, as the environment is so unique and fragile. You'll not only be getting back to the elements on the Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri. Always get out and check the depth of the river. VOLCANIC CRATERS OF ASKJA AND VITI. Take a look at our driving and travel guides to prepare yourself for the road trip of a lifetime. Here are Nina's Top 5 Places to Visit in the Icelandic Highlands. The Iceland Highlands self-drive tour is the perfect route to take if you want to curate your experience. Treat yourself and customise your tour with a trip to the renowned Blue Lagoon and its mineral-rich waters. The mountain roads in Iceland open in different times according to location, and very different time each year. About 38 huts are run as accommodation in the highlands by the The Iceland Touring Association. It's time to get planning. The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration publishes every year a brochure for foreign travellers, called "Mountain roads" (2020).This brochure contains information on approximate opening dates of mountain roads in Iceland. Advice about self-drive tours. The weather conditions are so fierce between September and May that all roads leading to the Highlands (F-roads) are closed. Drive the desolate black sands of the Sprengisandur highland plateau back south. The scenery is big and powerful, at times you only see black mountains and black sand.

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